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Antari M5 Rookmachine
  • Antari M5 Rookmachine
  • Antari M5 Rookmachine

Antari M5 Rookmachine

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M-5 Touring Fogger 1500W Stage Fogger . 


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• High performance stage fogger
• High tank capacity 10 L
• DMX-512 on board
• 1500 Watt Heater 

The new high performance M-5 & M-10 Stage Foggers from Antari are uniquely designed to meet the rigorous demands of stage and touring use: a high-capacity 10-liter tank that enables use between refills; a square, durable housing design that gives this stage fogger Series a refined look and eases transport. The design offers protection against stray water or spilled drinks. There are two professional versions: M-5 (1500W) and M-10 (3000W). They have DMX on-board and can be controlled remotely with a digital display control module, enabling convenient remote operation. DMX connection can be worked by either a 3 or 5 pin connector. Ideal for concerts, movie production and touring applications.

Technical Info
Power supply: AC 230/240 V – 50/60 Hz
Heater: 1500 Watt
Output: 20.000 cu. ft/min
First heat up time: 8 min.
Tank capacity: 10 L
Fluid consumption rate: 9 min/ L
Included remote: Z-20
Optional remote: Z-30
DMX-512: On board
DMX connector: XLR male/female 3/5 pole
Dimensions: 659 x 319 x 170 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 15 kg